The Rajah's Wife-short story

A new short story entitled 'The Rajah's Wife', which is told through a series of letter written by a dying Dayang Mastiah, the former wife of Charles Brooke, the English Rajah of the Kingdom of Sarawak in modern-day Malaysia, is on her deathbed. She writes these letters to her estranged son, who is to be sent to Europe and later Toronto, Canada, by his father. She describes her life as the former wife of a future king, while along the way throwing Charles’s and her personal struggles into the open as he carves out a kingdom and his influence amongst the people of the island.

I originally wrote this story for the Commonwealth Short Story Competition-it was ultimately rejected, but is currently available online at New Asian Writing. Do enjoy!

Charles Brooke, the second Rajah of Sarawak

Dayang Mastiah was believed to have married Charles Brooke, the future Rajah of Sarawak, approximately two years before his installation. She died sometime before 1873 and was buried in Kuching, while her son Esca eventually died in Toronto, having being forsaken by the Brooke dynasty. Today, Dayang Mastiah is all but forgotten.