Summer updates

So, I have just returned from China where I decided to go without a VPN, meaning that I was cut out from the outside world for some time. So here are a few little updates about my writing that have popped up over the last four months:

1. KAKAK, short story in Fixi Novo's Cyberpunk: Malaysia anthology!
2. Nasiruddin, published in Anak Sastra Issue 20, with an author interview included!
3. In This City of Bright Lights, 5th place in the Calistro Prize 2014 after some last-minute changes to the shortlist.

And on a miscellaneous note, I was lucky enough to get a scientific paper published too, co-authored with Bryan Paul from the University of Alberta, originally from Sarawak, entitled Interrelation between Climate and Dengue in Malaysia.

Excerpts available! For now, here is a collage of Shanghai's French Concession...