The Little Basket 2016-And the London Book Fair!

Fixi Novo's going big this year with a series of events in the United Kingdom, including some at the annual London Book Fair!

Among the things lined up include the London launch of the three-part anthology series, Heat/Flesh/Trash, at Daunt Books, as well as talks and the release of their new annual literary journal The Little Basket during the festival itself. My essay, 'Diaspora' is featured in it. Only 3,000 copies are being printed, so be sure to get a copy while stocks last!

I will copy|paste a description from Fixi Novo's Facebook page, since they have already written so much about this special year. For those of you in London do drop by and pay them a visit-they have been doing some excellent work in the last few years and are taking malaysian fiction to brand-new heights!

From Fixi Novo:

"We are pleased to announce that Buku Fixi is in charge of the Malaysian country booth at the The London Book Fair (LBF) (12-14 April).
"This is believed to be the first time in the 45 years of the LBF that Malaysia is having a country booth there. Other countries such as Singapore and Indonesia have had their own booths for the past few years.
"Ours is probably the only country booth with zero funding from any government or corporate body. Instead, the booth is funded and managed entirely by 4 independent companies: FixiDubook PressYusof Gajah Lingard Literary Agency & Clarity Publishing:
"Initially there were supposed to be 6 Malaysian companies, but 2 pulled out due to lack of money.
"To help raise funds for the London booth (since Fixi now has to pay 50% of the whole thing), we have published LITTLE BASKET 2016, the first of a planned annual journal of New Malaysian Writing. There are short stories but also an essay, comics and poetry! Most of the writers have appeared in previous Fixi Novo anthologies.
"This anthology will be made available to the many publishers, agents & journalists from around the world who will throng the LBF. We will also actively follow up with interested folks; there are many opportunities for collaboration. We want Malaysian writing to spread far and wide!
"LITTLE BASKET 2016 will have a 45-minute launch slot at the LBF:…/A-Basket-Is-Not-Just-a-Sw…
"Fixi won an award at LBF 2014 (…/malaysias-fixi-wins-internat… ) and this is actually when we started thinking about having Malaysia properly represented there. We had to tumpang the Singapore booth then for our meetings but not nice lah to do like that every year kan?
"If you'd like to support our trip, just order LITTLE BASKET 2016 online at this link: You may also order via Whatsapp 01123651972.
"If you'd like to be extra-supportive, order more than one! We printed 3,000 copies of LITTLE BASKET 2016 to be sold; it won't be reprinted. Order online now and the price is RM26.50 including Poslaju.
"We're also making another LBF-related announcement (related to our most ambitious project yet) this Wednesday, so stay tuned ah.
"And thanks for reading!"