Accepted for 'On the Back of a Motorbike'

My short story, 'Just Run and Run', will be featured in the 'On the Back of a Motorbike' anthology by Literary Concepts, It is based on my experiences traveling through Java earlier in the summer, focusing specifically on volcanic Mount Bromo.

Written largely as a travel story, it becomes a meditation on maturity and responsibility upon closer reading. I have reached a point where the freedom afforded by university has begun to dry up-after classes graduation was the final stage of an adventure that took five years to complete, but the prospect of life after school was daunting. The same sentiments are shared by my characters, who keep trying to stay young and carefree despite the fact that they have new lives to lead. Mount Bromo works perfectly as a backdrop with its moonscape and edge-of-the-world feel-at the rim of the crater surrounded by clouds of sulfur, you feel so far removed from the world. But once there the realisation that there is nowhere to go but back down begins to sink in. I hope that I've captured the same sensation in this story.

Speaking of stories in Indonesia, two pieces written about my trip are now live at the Ricepaper magazine. The Big Durian is a short meditation on Jakarta, while Yogyakarta takes a look at the Sultan's domain. A couple more are set to follow.