Just Run and Run-On the Back of a Motorbike

On the Back of a Motorbike is a new collection of short stories and poems about traveling in Southeast Asia. My story, 'Just Run and Run', appears in it. Do buy it and support!

The story follows a lone traveler as she travels up to Bromo, the volcano in the highlands of East Java, all the while reflecting on her life and experiences.

The story captures the stage that I was in during the year leading up to graduation. An entire world of possibilities loomed up ahead when I started out as an undergrad in Vancouver but they slowly disappeared over the years, leaving me very unsure about what would happen next. So of course the only escape was traveling. I took time off in the summer to make my way through Southeast Asia, and Java, Indonesia, with its tumultuous history and dramatic landscapes provided the setting of this story. My characters, like me, were largely lost, drifting and wandering with some vague goal in mind. I built my story around this central theme, using it as a way of putting my situation into context. And I'm happy to get a good story out of it.