Ricepaper Matters

I've been busy with my work at the Ricepaper magazine, which has been one of the most rewarding gigs that I've ever had.

For starters, I've been helping out with the movement to halt the development at 105 Keefer Street. My idea was to collect stories from not just the area around the proposed development site, but also all of Chinatown. Here is the first of a series of articles featuring stories from the area, which is an extract from Sum Yung Guys by Edwin Lee.

I have also been featured in one of the magazine's podcasts! This is part of Talkrice, the audio accompaniment to Writerice, our monthly writing session. In this podcast, I talk all about Malaysia, giving some background into my complicated homeland. It's also a chance to talk a little bit about my upcoming novel, Kings of Petaling Street.

Also available is the second part of our Food and the City Series, featuring Abi Sharma from Yak and Yeti, a Nepalese restaurant on West 4th Avenue in Vancouver. The interview was largely conducted by Gavin Hee, our community workshop manager.

More interesting developments to come from Ricepaper as we try to reinvigorate it after it stopped appearing in print as of this year. But fear not, the magazine will still keep appearing online for now. Stay tuned for more news.