Kings of Petaling Street-Now in Print!

After many years, starting in 2013 when the germ of the idea for a crime thriller set in Kuala Lumpur first took root, Kings of Petaling Street is now in print! The novel goes on sale at the end of January, but since I will not be in London for some time it's nice to make do with reposting a photograph taken by my wonderful publisher Fixi London. Follow Fixi London on Twitter and Facebook!

Buy a copy of it on Amazon! Or visit various bookstores in the United Kingdom to find a copy. It will be available in Malaysia in the second half of the year.

I will eventually be in London to promote the publication of my book, but in the meantime, do buy a copy and support! Malaysian fiction has been coming along nicely and I am proud to be able to add my own voice to the many ones which have emerged in the past few years. It's truly an exciting time to be a storyteller and I am very grateful for that chance.

Also, I have been featured in an article on by Atikah Abdul Wahid, which is available here. Enjoy!
Factual correction: The Rajah James Brooke is mentioned, but it should be Rajah Charles Brooke instead.