'Heirloom' in Remang: An Anthology of Ghostly Tales

It has taken a while, but my short story 'Heirloom' is getting featured in Terrer Books' 'Remang'. It is a collection of Malaysian ghost stories and it's such an honour to be featured in a book with many fantastic writers, including Tunku Halim himself!

'Heirloom' focuses on a fallen politician who retreats to his father's house on the east coast of the Malaysian peninsula, where he is forced to confront the secrets that were responsible
for his rise, and fall. His father, a bomoh, has secrets to hide and an heirloom that holds the key to unlocking it all.

Here is a good review in The Star.

I'm don't usually write horror stories. It's mostly because they feel to unreal to me, or that they require an understanding of fear and suspense, which is something that my writing often lacks. However, this was an interesting challenge to work on and I'm happy to say that the results paid off. In the meantime, enjoy a short excerpt here:

“I never knew that you lived here, Datuk,” Zul said, staring at
the house.

“Heh. I left this damned house years ago. I wanted it to rot. I
never thought I would have to come back.”

Zul accepted a cigarette from Hisham gratefully, lighting it
with a steady hand that had seen its fair share of shooting and
beatings over his rapid ascent in the Force. “You know, this reminds
me of those old cerita seram that my mother used to watch when I was

Hisham shrugged. “Don’t get me started on your mother! But
yes, you see the strangest things happening out here. You should have
seen my father, he used to tell the most disturbing stories. But I will
mention it another time. You must still have a lot of work left in KL.
I’m sorry to have disturbed you…”

“It’s alright,” Zul said politely. “I’m sure SUPT Zharif will
understand; he moonlights for Datuk X sometimes. Anyway, you
helped me a lot in the past. Now I have to help you.”
Hisham stood aside as Zul’s Toyota reversed down the drive,
vanishing into the horizon where the road met the shore. Beyond that
was the sea, and beyond that was nothing.