The Scent of Dry Dust | KROS Magazine

'The Scent of Dry Dust', which I originally wrote at the start of winter in 2015, has been featured in KROS Magazine. Kudos to the wonderful team behind it! The inaugural issue of KROS, Journey, is available online at Issuu. Read on for more creative work by Isabella Jaime, Robbie Ahmed, Sara Adams, and Sheba Karim. KROS is a biannual magazine based in Toronto aiming to publish work by North Americans of South and Southeast Asian descent and it's a pleasure to be included in it.

My short story takes place on a quiet coastal road between Kuala Selangor and Kuala Lumpur during the hazy season, interspersed by flashbacks. This is one of my quieter stories, where the main driving force is not a major traumatic event or tragedy, but rather unrequited love and missed connections. The story is not necessarily semi-autobiographical but is still heavily based on the people around me as we tried to cope with our impending graduation and a sense of trepidation about what happened once it was all over.

There is also an interview available on their site. Do read it to find out more about this story and about them!