Published Pieces


January 2017 -Kings of Petaling Street (novel) by Fixi London. Shortlisted for the Penang Monthly Book Prize 2017.


September 2018 - The Seven Muses of Harry Salcedo, by Vincent Ternida

September 2017 - Currents: A Ricepaper Anthology. Co-edited with Karla Comanda and Leila Lee.

December 2018 - 'Gardeners and Architects' at the Historic Joy Kogawa House

November 2018 - 'At the Moonlit River's Edge' in The Best Asian Short Stories 2018

October 2018 - 'Islands' in Issue 2 of Seagary Zine: Closing the Distance

October 2018 - 'Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear' at the Historic Joy Kogawa House

January 2018 - 'The Scent of Dry Dust' in KROS Magazine: Issue 1: Journey

January 2018 - 'In Montreal' in Ricepaper

November 2017 - 'Days of Being Young' in Eksentrika

November 2017 - 'Diaspora' (Originally published in The Little Basket 2016) published in Straits Eclectic by Gerakbudaya. Edited by Nine.

September 2017 - KAKAK (Originally published in Cyberpunk: Malaysia) published in The First Five by Ethos Books

September 2017- 1946 in NANG: Issue 3

July 2017 - In Calgary in Ricepaper

June 2017- Garden Afternoons in Ricepaper

June 2017-'The Snows of Taiping' in Eksentrika

June 2017-'Heirloom' in Remang: An Anthology of Ghostly Stories

April 2017-'North' in Scientific Malaysian Issue 13

April 2017-'The Okanagan Valley' and 'Hungry New World' in Calibre

February 2017-'The Revolutionaries' in Looseleaf

February 2017-The Imperial City in Calibre

January 2017-The Rajah's Son and Excerpt from Canadian Rajah and an Interview with Dave Carley in Ricepaper.

December 2016-These are Our Streets! in Ricepaper.

November 2016-Southeast Asia on a Budget in Calibre.

November 2016- 'The Muddy Confluence I: Impressions' in Ricepaper

October 2016-Venice of the East in Calibre.

October 2016-Kacak in Chronicles of KK by Fixi Novo.

October 2016-The Miners of Ijen published by the Ricepaper Magazine.

October 2016-Just Run and Run published in the On the Back of a Motorbike anthology

September 2016-This Earth of Mankind published by the Ricepaper Magazine.

August 2016- Yogyakarta published by the Ricepaper Magazine

August 2016-'Canada by Rail' published by Calibre

July 2016- The Big Durian published by the Ricepaper Magazine.

June 2016-The Saltwater City published by the Ricepaper Magazine.

June 2016-'Half of Heaven' featured in UBC Literature Etc's 22nd LeMook magazine: 'Symmetrism'

May 2016-Food and the City No. 1-Sai Woo published by the Ricepaper Magazine.

April 2016-The Endless City published by the Ricepaper Magazine.

April 2016-'Diaspora' featured in Fixi Novo's The Little Basket (Also featured at the London Book Fair 2016!). An excerpt appears in Ricepaper

April 2016- 'How not to Forget' featured in PJ Confidential by Fixi Novo, Edited by Terence Toh.

March 2016-'The Peninsula' featured in the Ricepaper Magazine

January 2016-'Life & Words' featured in The Messenger

December 2015-'Mosquito Heart' republished in Eastlit, Volume 5 Issue 35

November 2015-'In Shanghai', published in the magazine Cofeestory

October 2015-'Ah Beng's Wedding', originally published in KL Noir: Blue (See April 2014) is adapted for radio by BFM Malaysia! Listen here.

October 2015- 'Night in a Garden in Ipoh' in Fixi Novo's 'Hungry in Ipoh'. Edited by Hadi M. Nor

August 2015-'In this City of Bright Lights' shortlisted for the Calistro Prize 2014

July 2015-'Nasiruddin' in Anak Sastra Issue 20.

June 2015-'KAKAK' in Fixi Novo's Cyberpunk: Malaysia

April 2015 - The Rajah's Wife' at New Asian Writing

October 2014- Of the Dead and Dying by Witty Bard Publishing

October 2014-'The North', in the Be-Spoked anthology by Stylus, Edmonton

September 2014-Orbit by 365 Tomorrows.

July 2014 - 'Night Train from Tumpat' in New Asian Writing

May 2014 - 'Mosquito Heart', in Lost in Putrajaya (Fixi Novo), edited by Zurairi Abdul Rahman

April 2014-'Ah Beng's Wedding', in KL Noir: Blue (Fixi Novo), edited by Eeleen Lee

November 2013-'Katak', in Love in Penang (Fixi Novo), edited by Anna Tan

August 2013-Shortlisted, 'The Long Way Home' short story competition, the Asia-Europe Foundation with Hotel Imperial

July 2012-'The Boundaries in Men's Hearts', Inspired by Tagore, Sampad and the British Council


2016 - 'The Road So Far'. Scriptwriter / Co-Performance Director. Malaysia Singapore Night 2016.

March 2014-Malaysia-Singapore Night 2014, University of British Columbia. Actor (the old uncle)

The cast and crew

2013 - From the City to the World-starring Dhaneesh Kumar, Choy Wai Ho, Rubenthran Govindarajan, Reviindran Balasuriyan, and Aaron Ang. Editing by Bryan Rundi.

2013 - Tan Twan Eng's 'The Garden of Evening Mists'. Starring Sarah-Louise Leong, Nozomu Shiozawa, Euraj Vivek. Editing by Akmal Farhan

2013 - Pirates of Kuala Lumpur: At Peninsula's End. Starring Muhammad Afiq, Evan Loh, Stefan Ho Sheng Yang, Christopher Siah, Asfvin Pulgunisparam, Wendy Victoria Vaz, and myself. Filming by Wendy and So Tze Yong.

March 2012-Actor / Animator, Malaysia-Singapore Night, directed by Andrew Leong

2011 -  'The Safe House', with the help of Ho Yong Jie, Christopher Low Ju Leong, Kelvin Ng Chong Yew, Wong Tze Hao, Ng Wee Jin, Dennis Ng Beng Ti, and Leong Zue Yi, among others.

2009-Director/ Scriptwriter/ Animator. Winner - Best Script, SMK Damansara Jaya film competition, 'The Extraordinary Case of Kamikaze Day'


November 2012 - E-book published with MPH Online, 'Walking with Lightning

July 2012 - 'The Safe House'

June 2010 - ''The Extraordinary Case of Kamikaze Day'


2009-2011-Assorted miscellaneous short stories published in the Taylor's University College yearbook, 'Carpe Diem', 'The Star's' Stuff @School supplement, as well as the 'Nostalgia' magazine of SMK Damansara Jaya.