Ah Beng's Wedding-The Radio Play

So, over the weekend BFM 89.9, the Malaysian radio station, very kindly adapted my short story, Ah Beng's Wedding, for radio! It was a very good adaptation so I'll link it here. Thanks to Fixi Novo for publishing the story Ah Beng's Wedding in the first place. I enjoyed the adaptation very much and I think it captured the character's nuances perfectly-the rough, violent main character with a soft spot for the girl at the shop downstairs...

A lot of 'Ah Beng's Wedding' takes place in the back alleys of Kuala Lumpur's Chinatown, a place that I'm quite familiar with through my father's stories when he once roamed its streets in the 60s and 70s. It was completed when I was desperately trying not to fail my exams during cold winter nights a couple of years ago, completed on the green baize surface of a pool table in the cold living room of a friend's house where I fought off hunger and the biting chill, trying to place myself in the shoes of a man fated for obscurity.