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New publications: Kitaab and Seagary Zine

This year has not been very productive, writing-wise, but I'm happy to announce that my work will be published in two new places.

Islands, inspired by Alfred Russell Wallace's biological expeditions in Southeast Asia (immortalized in The Malay Peninsula) is a short piece told from the point-of-view of his native assistant. The unnamed assistant is loosely inspired by Wallace's real-life companion, Ali, whom he recruited in Sarawak and took with him around what was then the Dutch East Indies. It was published in Issue 2 of Seagary Zine, Closing the Distance, created and published by my former managing editor  Katrina Vera Wong.
The second piece, At the Moonlit River's Edge, follows a group of former radicals adjusting to life in post-Independence Malaysia. The Malay radicals who included writers and activists like Ahmad Boestamam and Ibrahim Haji Yaacob are often forgotten after sixty years of being left out of state-sponsored narratives. My primary source was Radicals, …

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