Periods of Transitions

This hiatus has gone on longer than I thought that it would. The problem with moving and changing cities in quick succession, swapping a set of scenes and an entire atmosphere and way of living is complicated. Suddenly there is a strange inversion of sorts, which makes writing and editing more difficult. How much more difficult it is to focus when there are no real uncertainties, when the place you call home cannot be taken as a geographical constant.

Days and months pass quickly. The monsoons come and go. And you get the feeling that you are stuck in stasis, unable to go elsewhere and that somehow you are outside this loop.

I took trains and ferries but never seemed to go very far. Everything began to loop back on itself, like I was being drawn into orbit. Getting off this path has been difficult, but suddenly there is a chance to start again. During this time, writing became a luxury. There was no time to write or think and even stringing words together felt like a challenge. Everything felt jumbled, turned into an immense crush of details and fleeting information. How difficult it was to make sense of anything when you are in the thick of it.

In the end, though, there are ways out. And as always, it was best to take those exits when they came along.

Adventures in writing from George Town.