Malaysia Singapore Night 2016

2016's Malaysia Singapore Night, held at the Old SUB Ballroom at the University of British Columbia, was a great success! As one of the performance directors (and scriptwriter) for the play, it was an exciting moment to see everything coming together after all the hard work of the past five months. It was great working with such an amazing team of actors, actresses, dancers, and singers, and also a shout out to the rest of the amazing committee who made this happen.

Also, I'd like to thank Encik Arshad Khamis, the retired Singaporean national footballer currently living in Chilliwack, for giving us permission to feature him in the play. 'The Road so Far' follows three Malaysian/Singaporean students in Vancouver who travel through the Interior through the Okanagan Valley to see the Northern Lights...In many ways this play is semi-autobiographical, drawing from the road trips and other trips that I experienced during my time at university, recalling the thrill of being out on the roads and chasing a grand adventure. A playlist of the entire performance can be found here:

A poster.

Also, here is a montage combing the best moments from previous MSN performances. Do enjoy!